Naseem & Israa are in a refugee camp in Jordan.

Help us reunite them with their family.

Reuniting a Family

If you’ve ever stopped by 5 Stars Barber Shop in Rockland, you have met Naseer Al Zoubani. Naseer founded the barber shop (across from Giant Tiger) in 2019, and runs it with the help of his wife, Nawal, and one of their sons.

But what you might not know about Naseer is that he and his family are Syrian refugees. He came to Canada in 2016 through Operation Syrian Refugee, with his wife and four of their children.

And while they are thankful for their new home and have worked hard to build a life in Canada, Naseer and Nawal still carry heavy hearts. They had to leave behind 2 of their sons, Karam and Naseem.

In fact, while the Al Zoubani family has tried to build their new life in Canada, their second son Naseem has been living in a refugee camp in Jordan where he met and married his wife Israa (Karam was able to walk to Germany and request asylum there).

Now, the Al Zoubani family, Rockland Community Church, and other members of the Rockland community are working together to reunite Naseer’s family in Canada.

And you can help!

You can read their story here or skip below to find out how!

Their Story

Naseer and Nawal have beautiful memories of life before the war in Syria. “We had everything,” Naseer says. He worked as a barber, while Nawal worked as a nurse. They had a big family of uncles, aunts, and cousins, and they loved their life together.

When the war started, everything changed. Bombs were going off every day as the government turned to attack its own citizens. One of Naseer’s brothers took his family and tried to flee, but the family of 5 was killed by a bomb on the way. One night, Naseer and his two youngest children were trapped for 10 hours in a basement of a house as the planes bombed it. With tears running down his face, he shows how he kept his children under his arms and tried to protect them with his own body. While they made it out alive, the experience left his youngest daughter so traumatized that she didn’t speak for a year.

After a year of the war, there was nobody left in Naseer and Nawal’s big family, and they made the decision to walk to Jordan as refugees. Their son Naseem stayed behind to try to guard the family’s remaining belongings there. Eventually, he fled to Jordan, where he met Israa his now wife and they have lived there ever since.

Naseer recalls landing in Canada with 1$ in his pocket which, he says, the border guard had him catalogue. He started working as a barber in another barbershop. But an entrepreneur at heart, Naseer was looking for a chance to open his own shop. When he visited Rockland and saw the retail space across from Giant Tiger, he knew it would be the perfect place to open a barbershop that specializes in “fades”—the popular men’s hairstyle.


Here's How You Can Help!

We’re raising $25,000 in community donations to bring Naseem and Israa to Canada. You can donate through cheque or e-transfer to Rockland Community Church (details below)—please mark your donation as “Refugee Sponsorship.” We have also opened charitable giving accounts with Paypal Giving Fund and Canada Helps, and you will receive a charitable receipt from them.

Let’s make things a bit brighter for this family this holiday season. 😊


Thank you so much for your help!

How To Give (4 ways)


E-transfers can be send to:


*Please don't forget to include 'Refugee Sponsorship', your full name, and mailing address in the Description section of your e-transfer.



*A tax receipt will be issued to you by PayPal Giving Fund.

3 - CANADA HELPS (3% Transaction fee)


*A tax receipt will be issued to you by Canada Helps.


Cheques can be made payable to:
Rockland Community Church

Mail to:
Rockland Community Church
P.O. Box 338
Rockland Stn Main
Rockland, ON
K4K 1K4

*Please include a note with your full name and mailing address for a tax receipt.