In 2009, six local families who had been worshipping at Grace Presbyterian Church in Orléans committed themselves to bringing the word of Jesus to Rockland. As we started our ministry in an upper level storefront, we officially named our mission the « Upper Room Presbyterian Church ».


Rev. Daniel McKinnon was the driving force behind our early endeavours. He encouraged us to « pray » the streets of Rockland. So along with supporters from Grace, that first summer, we took out the local map and intentionally walked and prayed on every street in town. It was a humbling and inspiring experience. As disciples, we were learning about our mission field. As we prayed for others, we were strengthened in our own faith. 


The « Upper Room » has a special meaning for our dedicated group of missionaries.  Like the disciples at Pentecost, we know we were led to spread the Word to the growing community of Rockland. 


Now, in 2019, we are experiencing a renewal in our small congregation. New folks are joining us. New ministries are developing. As we review our mission, we launch our new name to reflect our commitment to Rockland.


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(613) 880-8721


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Chamberland Centre

1517 Rue Laurier

Rockland, ON, Canada

K4K 1C8

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P.O. Box 338

Rockland Stn Main

Rockland, ON, Canada

K4K 1K4

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